The Next PewDiePie Of YouTube (2017)

Rumored that a YouTuber named ‘Samuel‘ is said to be the next ‘PewDiePie’ of YouTube, being an Entertainment channel this YouTuber has great potential and is seen by the community as possibly the next ‘PewDiePie’ of YouTube,¬† Samuel provides great Entertaining content featuring Gameplays, Stories, and much more.. See:

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Russian PewDiePie? (2017-2018)

Uprising YouTuber can¬†possibly be the next ‘PewDiePie’ of YouTube, this YouTuber ‘Samuel’ born in Russia living in the United States of America is an Entertainment YouTuber it has been rumored that his is the Next ‘PewDiePie’ of YouTube.. Can this be true? see for yourself.. at,

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